Monday, January 31, 2011

Creative Chemistry Extra Credit


Covalent Compounds
Atoms are bonded
by sharing of electrons 
like a tug-of-war

Molecular Geometry

Linear: a highlighter 
Linear was very easy to find an example for. Anything straight will work!

Bent: scissors 
If you take away the sharp side at the top, this serves as an example of a bent object. As you can see, it is bent in the middle. 

Trigonal Planar: fan 
The three parts of the fan create a trigonal planar shape. 

Trigonal Pyramidal: Lamp 
Although it is not evident when you first look at it, the three lights are in the shape of a trigonal pyramidal. I found this very difficult to find an example for, so i bent the lights of a lamp in order to make the shape of a trigonal pyramidal. The light blue light is farthest away from us, the brown light is on the right side, and the dark blue light is on the left side of us. I tried to align the lamps to make the angles as correct as possible. 

Tetrahedral: music stand 
The three bottom feet of the music stand and the rod connecting the top to the bottom serve as a tetrahedral. The angles are not completely accurate, but the basic shape is represented. If the connecting rod was not present, the bottom legs would create a trigonal pyramidal! 

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